Few companies in the bicycle industry have stood the test of time like Campagnolo. Founded in 1933 by Tullio Campagnolo, the company has amassed 135 patents for bicycle parts and 30 Tour de France victories. Tullio Campagnolo was a bicycle racer who struggled to remove a wheel from the bicycle and thus he invented the Quick Release to make quick wheel changes.  Soon after, Tullio invented the rear derailleur and now the modern road bike was born. Few other companies in any industry can combine technology, material science, function, finishing and with an incredible sense of style.  The Winged Wheel logo symbolizes the pinnacle of bicycle technology

At Era Pro Bike, we have sold and serviced Campagnolo since 1991 and few shops have the experience working with this great company. We were one of the first shops in the U.S. to offer Ergopower Shifter rebuilds, and today we are Central PA’s only Campagnolo Pro Shop and EPS service center.  We stock many Campy small parts and can quickly rebuild and adjust your Campy equipped bike. We also sell and service the incredible Campagnolo wheels and their alternative wheel brand, Fulcrum.

Why Buy Campagnolo?  For many reasons Campy offers a better alternative to the popular Shimano and Sram componentry
Here are a few reasons:

• Many Campagnolo parts are rebuildable and now your parts are not disposable.
• Campagnolo uses better materials and has mastered the combination of carbon, titanium and ultralight alloys.
• Ergopower is a more user friendly shifting system.  The system separates the braking and shifting system with noticeable ergonomic functions.  The hoods are more comfortable.
• Campagnolo clearly is longer lasting components from chains to cassettes to derailleurs and shifters.  We have customers riding thousands of miles and only replacing chains, cassettes, cables and brake pads.
• Campagnolo when adjusted properly shifts and brakes smoother and longer.  Key word is “Properly,” and our mechanics know how to set up and adjust a Campy.
• Campagnolo is light!
• Campagnolo has more group offerings and at more price points than any other component brand.

At Era Pro Bike we speak Campagnolo.  Talk to us about your next bike with Campy parts and we’ll be happy to work with you. Visit our Contact Us page or call us directly at (717) 560-9000.