In 2014, Olmo bicycles will celebrate 75 years of Italian bicycle manufacturing. Founded in 1939, by the great champion Giuseppe Olmo, the company continues today to design and build cutting-edge, hi-tech bicycles. Today they develop some of the most advanced carbon frames and have worked hand in hand with companies like Easton and Dedacciai to develop both carbon and metal tubes to specific shapes for proper performance. The prototype designs are all tested on the roads in the seaside mountains of Liguria where optimum feedback brings to the market truly great riding bikes.

Olmo bikes know that the secret to ride quality is geometry. That’s why they’re designed to include:
• Quick steering without the twitchy feel
• Easy control
• The ability to ride without using your hands, but the ability to react quickly if necessary

Club riders, fitness riders and top level racers will appreciate the feel and ride of an Olmo. Our masters team has won several national championships while racing on Zeffiro.


The top model carbon road bike is the Personal, which features such things as:
• A custom build to the rider’s personal geometry
• Superlight weight
• Rigidity
• Adaptability to electronic shifting groups like Di2 and EPS. The models Soon and 39 perform as well but in stock sizes

The bikes are top level race bikes with tremendous quickness and reactivity. For more moderate price range the Nemesi and Link as well as the Kurva and Forma models are the best values available on the market. The bikes are light, comfortable and have excellent performance but cost hundreds less than more heavily marketed brands.

Olmo has not forgotten the skills of steel frame building and they make some great performing models like the Millenium and Millenium+ as well as the more affordable Mercury and the traditional lugged steel Scatto SLX frames in the San Remo collection. These frames are meticulously welded and perfectly finished.

Era Pro Bike is the #1 seller of Olmo bikes in the USA for many years and we have hundreds of customers ecstatic about their piece of Italian bike history.