As the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant has a complete range of bikes for every cyclist. From casual to pro, Giant offers mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes and a selection of kids bikes. Giant also produces bicycles for many other famous brands and so with this scale they can produce affordable bikes that are simply the best value in the industry!

At Era Pro Bike Shop we offer a large selection of Giant Bikes. Some key models in the different categories are:

Comfort/Hybrid Bikes:
• Cypress Models— these are comfort bikes with 700c wheel size, comfort saddles and upright riding position.
• Sedona— offers the same features as Cypress but with smaller 26″ wheels and fatter tires.
• Escape— the best choice f your riding is a bit more enthusiastic. These are lightweight frames and 700c wheels with a versatile tire that is perfect for pavement or packed gravel riding. Lighter and faster and a more athletic position the Escapes are very versatile bikes

Giant is the leading manufacturer of off road bikes on the market and has been a market leader following the latest technology.

Mountain Bikes:
• Revel models— 26″ wheel mountain bikes, an affordable entry into off-road riding. Giant also embraces the 29er wheel size and we have several models of 29er bikes both in hardtail and full suspension.
• XTC Hardtails
• Anthem and Trance full suspension models
• Talon 27.5 (several models)

The newest wheel size is 27.5, and Giant has gone full bore into a complete line of this new popular wheel size. 27.5 bikes offer the nimble handling of 26″ wheel and the pedaling efficiency of 29er.

Giant is a world leader in road bike design and has several groups of bikes.

• (for women) LIV— the most complete road bike line designed exclusively for women. These are not just a unisex bike with pretty colors, but a bike with specific features to fit women and offer comfort and ride performance.
• TCR series— race bike technology in composite frames.
• Defy series— bikes with a bit more comfort for endurance riders or folks looking for their first recreational road bike. Defy has a bit more upright position and a more relaxed fit, and are offered in both aluminum and composite frames.

New for 2014!
• Propel models of aero road bikes— Propel is all-out effort to push the hi-tech machine faster and with less effort. The Giant Propel in wind tunnel testing is the most aerodynamic frame when approached by multiple angles of wind resistance. The Giant Propel is simply “Free Speed”.

Era Pro Bike is a Giant P.R.O. shop and is exclusive dealer for the Advanced SL carbon frames. Come in for a fitting and see if the Giant Advanced SL bikes are for you. You can also call us directly at (717) 560-9000.